[Halal] Soursop Leaves Tea ëҶ Teh Daun Durian Belanda (20 + 1 Tea Bags)
[Halal] Soursop Leaves Tea ëҶ Teh Daun Durian Belanda (20 + 1 Tea Bags) Tea & Healthy Drinks Selangor, Klang, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Der Drinks & Snacks Supply
Soursop Tea (3g x 20 + 1 Tea Bags) 1 sachet for 1 cup, pour in hot water and steep for 10 mins, easy and convenient.
To get best results in short period, do recommend to boil the Soursop Tea for 15 mins with 1 liter water and drink it daily.

Soursop Tea Benefits:
1. Soursop is anti-inflammatory Soursop been found to decrease the expression of several inflammatory compounds, including tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-1beta protein expression.
2. Soursop improves the immune system Soursop isn’t just a great way to help protect yourself against the common cold: It could also protect against parasites and viruses.
3. Soursop may have anti-cancer properties While scientists need to conduct more research before making any serious claims, there’s some evidence to suggest that soursop may help fight cancer. A recent systematic review found that soursop leaf extract exhibited anti-cancer effects against many cancer cell lines, and in animal studies, soursop extract decreased tumor size in various types of cancer. The acetogenins found in soursop have been found to inhibit cancer cell growth, decrease glucose and ATP availability to cancer cells, induce apoptosis, and support antioxidant production.”

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