[Bubble Milk Tea] Oolong Tea Leaves 500g
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[Bubble Milk Tea] Oolong Tea Leaves 500g This Oolong Tea is special for make Bubble Milk Tea. Tea Proportion: 6g tea leaves wtih 180g water. Best water temperature: 85'C ~ 95'C Steep time: 7 ~ 10 mins

Example: Oolong Bubble Milk Tea with Cheese Milk Cap (500cc Cold)
1. Add 1 scoop of brown sugar pearls into a cup.
2. Add 30ml Golden Fructose 2 - Tea Aroma Enchancer Syrup (Highly Recommended). It significantly bring up the tea taste and fragrance of Oolong tea.
3. Add 50ml creamer.
4. Add 3/4 cup of ice.
5. Pour 150ml of Oolong tea.
6. Top it with delicious Cheese Milk Cap.

Good quality tea leaves is surely important to make yummy bubble milk tea. And, actually there is another even important thing - the skill to fully extract out the tea taste from the tea leaves. Keen to know more?! We have training class to teach how to make thick and rich Bubble Milk tea. Interested and wish to find out more, call Ms Yap 012-2029952 / KC Yap 012-2029500

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